The Rockefeller Foundation:

The Rockefeller Foundation, based in New York, NY, U.S.A., envisions a world in which globalization’s benefits are more widely shared to “promote the well-being” of humanity.  The Rockefeller Foundation has provided the core funding for the PUKAR-HSPH-NYU collaboration’s health project.

The Fogarty International Clinical Scholars & Fellows Program:

This program participates in the research training of health scientists across the globe.  This program is providing adjunctive funding for the PUKAR-HSPH-NYU collaboration’s mental health study.



The Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Global Health and Population:

The academic home for Principal Investigator Professor David Bloom.

The New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development:

The academic home for Principal Investigator Professor Arjun Appadurai.

Other relevant websites:

Equinox Labs:

This lab provided water testing services for the PUKAR-HSPH-NYU collaboration’s water quality testing study.  The lab also provides air quality and food quality testing services.

Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action (SNEHA):

This organization focuses on the health needs of women and children in Mumbai’s slums and also engages in high-quality research on maternal and child health.

The Foundation for Medical Research:

A Mumbai-based public trust that engages in medical research focusing on the poorest sections of Indian society.


A Mumbai-based organization that focuses on encouraging women’s rights and empowerment through legal and artistic means.

Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC):

An NGO that works on housing and infrastructure issues for the urban poor.  SPARC and the National Slum Dweller’s Federation has engaged indirectly in critical health work through their ground-breaking initiatives to establish community-led block toilets in slums.

2011 International Conference on Urban Health:

A major international academic conference that looks at the intersection of health and urbanization.