Anthropometrics Survey

Anthropometrics Survey

Anthropometrics Survey (2010)


In this study, PUKAR researchers spent nearly every weekend from April 2010 to January 2011 collecting data on key health indicators such as child and adult malnutrition rates, the prevalence of high blood pressure, the rate of childhood immunizations, and the prevalence of substance abuse in Kaula Bandar. The dedication of PUKAR researchers through this often painstaking process has resulted in an unparalleled dataset for an unregistered urban slum, with a total of approximately 1700 households, 5150 adults and children older than five years, and 913 children younger than five years. By comparison, the National Family Health Survey only has data on 1100 urban slum households for all of Mumbai.

HSPH and PUKAR researchers are currently in the process of analyzing this large dataset.

***An abstract from this project was accepted for presentation by research consultant Jennifer O’Brien at the 2011 International Conference on Urban Health in Belo Horizonte, Brazil:View Abstract |